Monday, March 12, 2007

Mike just left for the gym, so blessed peace and quiet is settling down in my house and I could easily go back to bed and sleep a while longer. The time change was greeted eagerly by my early bird husband, who was tired of waiting until 7 to awaken me. The new 7 is much better aligned with his natural sleep pattern. He has done nothing but whine and complain since he got up, though, so I warned him not to come back home until he's adjusted his attitude. I have used up all my patience for his gloom and pessimism already. Lord, give me strength.

Our vet called about 8:30 last night to let me know he was at the clinic, if I wanted to get the dogs. I was so glad to get them back home. They are so affectionate and were a very comforting presence to me when I went to bed, snuggling extra close to their "Mommy."

I need to rifle through my purse and pockets this morning for all the phone numbers and email addresses I collected from different people this week-end. I scribbled them on various scraps of paper and stuffed them in whatever was closest. Several mentions were made of this blog and George's blog, and several people asked me to send the links. There were a couple of 80+ year olds who are computer savvy and surfing the Internet regularly. I was impressed. Welcome to the new readers and thank you for your interest.

The site meter has been out of order since last week, so the stats are off. But the stats don't tell the whole story of those who read this blog. Evidently, some readers are forwarding the posts to others to read, so the site meter doesn't account for them. I was humbled by some of the positive feedback I got, and I was amused by some of the not-so-positive feedback I got. I don't intentionally step on other people's toes, but sometimes I just can't help myself. I speak the truth as I see it and I have an unconventional way of seeing some things, so not everybody agrees with me. That's fine with me. They have first amendment rights, too, so let them express their own views. I totally support their right to do that.

My house is screaming for attention. If there's one thing I got from my mother it was her aversion to housework. Today I'll call on the Deedo in me and try to "getter done."

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