Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Not much happening in this neck of the woods. Betsy moved today, back to her house in Jackson, so she's no longer a walk across the street away, but a 20 minute drive away. She's got a much roomier house with a yard and 3 dogs. They're outside dogs, though, unless the temp gets extremely cold or hot. I hope she enjoys all the extra space.

I found out last week that David O. has bought a house in the same neighborhood where Betsy and Richard will be living. I'm so glad he likes Jackson and obviously plans to stay here. Our church's music has flourished under his leadership and I would hate for that not to continue. We're giving him a housewarming next month. Everybody is buying Home Depot gift cards, which will be made into a bouquet by one of our very creative people. I still have not bought mine; I hope tonight was not the deadline to get it turned in.

Skip wants to come for a visit either next week or the next. With next week being Holy Week, the demands on my time don't leave much room for entertaining guests. In fact, Tuesday night is the only night I won't be at the church. I'll suggest he wait until after Easter.

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