Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Aunt Cathy got her niece's birthday wrong, it's the 27th. Sorry, Tarah. In our finest family tradition, you can celebrate for at least a week, even though "party" means entirely different things now that you're a settled, married lady, right? This wild child never had trouble finding fun from the time she was a 2 yr. old show-off streaking through her grandparents' living room singing, "Shake your booty," to the teenager who missed curfew and came through her aunt's kitchen window to be found asleep on the sofa the next morning. Tara Lee, Tara Lee! You always made me smile. Enjoy your special day, just don't go streaking in your birthday suit, ok?

I've got about 14 things vying for my attention today - bills to pay, thank you notes to finish, calls to return, a living room that has been transformed in the past week to a very messy artist's studio, spring cleaning, etc. My creative juices are flowing and I've got project ideas coming much faster than I can implement. So why am I sitting at this computer?

I'm outta here....

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