Monday, February 12, 2007

I wish I'd seen the Grammy show last night. I missed some of my favorite musicians. Since I don't keep up with the new stuff, I just didn't think I'd recognize many names, much less their music. But with John Mayer winning two awards, Don Henley winning Person of the Year award, and the Dixie Chicks winning Album of the Year, plus four other awards, and performances by Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richey, Smokey Robinson, and Tony Bennett, I'm sure I would have enjoyed most of it.

Even more enjoyable would have been Musicare's Dinner for Don Henley on Friday night. Was it televised? Last year's dinner honoring James Taylor was recorded and is available as a DVD with funds supporting Musicare, a recovery organization for musicians with addictions. Maybe the Henley dinner will be made available for the same purpose.

I'm so glad the Dixie Chicks were finally honored. A lot of people agreed with the sentiments they expressed in 2003 about Bush's war in Iraq. Now many more do. I thought Nashville was wrong to slam all the doors in their faces for exercising their freedom of speech. That so many country musicians joined the pseudo-patriotic war effort really turned my stomach. I would not have thought they would be part of the propaganda machine. Just shows what I know.

I've got an unfriendly neighbor who needs to be set straight on how non-private the property is at the reservoir. All the land here is owned by Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, none of it by any individual. We lease the land our houses are on, plus a few feet on each side of the house itself. He has nailed up a barricade to block a pathway that I regularly use when walking my dogs. I usually step over it and keep walking. Today he stopped me and told me not to do that. "I'm sorry that bothers you," I told him and kept walking. If he says anything else, I'll have to explain a few things to him. Maybe I should complain to him about erecting an illegal barricade, or just go out there and dismantle it. If he wants to live on private property, he moved to the wrong neighborhood. What a jerk!

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