Thursday, February 15, 2007

I have cancelled Mother's doctor appointment for today. She's too frail to get out in this cold wind. Her total exposure to the elements would not be more than 5 minutes, but she would get chilled and it's so unnecessary. The nursing home staff says she's fine, the doctor made rounds yesterday and didn't find anything that needed attention, so I'm for letting her stay warm.

Happy Birthday to Pip! He's two years old and getting cuter with every day that passes. I hope Benji and Karen are ready for potty training, talking, "NO!" to everything - those terrific twos. Benji says his automatic response to everything has always been no, ever since he learned to turn his head away from a new food, or shake his head from side to side. I sent him additional track for his train set and a Thomas the Tank Engine playhouse/tent. As soon as Benji posts birthday pictures, I'll add one to the blog.

We did a complete run through of Friday's show last night. It's not but about 40 minutes, several numbers got cut because some people just couldn't learn the music in time to do their songs. For those who still work, it's been difficult. We've been working on it only 2 1/2 weeks. But we've learned a lot about what to do and not do next time. We also have 3 anthems to sing Sunday, which we rehearsed, and Ash Wednesday is next week with lots of music to do for that. I almost volunteered to do a Psalm in the Plainsong Chant style during Lent, something I've never done before, but I'm willing to learn if David is willing to coach me, and I'm sure he is. Several dates still open. It's a good thing David is so hyper, too bad the rest of us aren't.

I've got a gorgeous kimona to wear, thanks to a lady in church I don't even know. Her father brought it from Japan when he was in the Navy. It's a smoky teal color with an Oriental scene painted on the back. I made Mike's wooden leg this morning, and it looks amazingly like a wooden leg. Still don't have a pirate's shirt, but I plan to have one in time for the party. Someone, somewhere, somehow, one will materialize. Mike says that is real faith.

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