Thursday, January 25, 2007

Way to go, Cooper!

After his day got off to a rough start, it turned out to be pretty good. He got tripped in P.E. by another kid, hurt his leg, and went to the chiropractor, (who zapped him with a laser?). Then he returned to school, went to piano lessons after school, then baseball practice, where he got 6 hits! Three doubles, two singles, and a triple! He was on his way to Circuit City to buy a new video game with the money he got for his good report card last week - 5 A's and 3 B's (he was on the honor roll), when he called Gramma to tell her about his weird day.

I'm glad you had such a weirdly good day, Coop, and that you called Gramma to tell her about it. Now, get Daddy to make your picture and send it to me, so I can put that on the blog, too. And before you start reading Gramma's blog, you should know it's rated PG 13, so get Mom or Dad to help you. If you want to post a comment, simply sign in (it's free) and start typing. I love hearing from you.

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