Friday, January 26, 2007

I don't talk to my grandchildren nearly as often as I would like, so it was a real treat to get a phone call from Cooper last night. I still have trouble understanding him and Clay, but that's due mostly to my impaired hearing and cell phones that drop every other word. They passed the baby talk stage years ago. When he suggested that I post the story of his weird day on my blog, I realized there are certain things on my blog that children really don't need to read, especially my grandchildren. I'm trusting their parents to supervise their reading of Gramma's writing.

What tickled me the most about Cooper's story is that he realized that a bad start to a day doesn't have to determine how the rest of the day goes. Cooper has always seemed to have a dark cloud hovering, kinda like Pooh's friend Eeyore, who sees the gloomy side of everything:
"A mostly sunny day to some, can look a lot like partly gray."
But like Eeyore, Cooper is very intelligent and very considerate of others. It would be so much fun to have them living in Rankin County, but the initial appeal of the lot they bought has waned considerably. Last I heard, they were planning to stay in Tampa longer than I thought. Yes, Gramma has a dark cloud hovering over her head, too.

Mary Ann sent a prayer request for her sister and family. They're going through some difficulties with their foster child. It's a sad situation, they need all the prayers and support they can get. Most of my readers are people who pray, so please add Lori's family to your petitions.

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