Wednesday, January 24, 2007

“Tonight, I have the high privilege and distinct honor to begin a speech with the words ‘Madam Speaker...’"

George Bush never spoke sweeter words to this Democrat's ears. It was a rare moment of clarity and reality before he retreated to his make-believe world of winning unwinnable wars and balancing hopelessly unbalanced budgets without raising taxes. Mrs. Pelosi was extraordinarily gracious to applaud, even standing to applaud a few times, when he offered to provide affordable health care, leave medical decisions to doctors and patients rather than bureaucrats, reduce gasoline consumption and increase alternative fuels. It's not easy to look neutral when empty promises are being lobbed in rapid-fire succession, but she was the embodiment of "poise, dignity, and comity," just as her caucus predicted.

Jim Webb's response to the President's speech was powerful, I thought. He spoke with authority on the futility of Bush's course in Iraq, as only one who has been thru an unwinnable war can speak. I was very impressed by this passionate redhead from Virginia. He even invoked a couple of Republican presidents to support his premise.

My site meter has recorded hits from many strange places, far away places like China, Spain and Germany, foreign-to-me places like Satartia, MS, but last night I identified the visitor from Satartia. He's Jerry Grace, author of the blog SBC Outhouse at Reading his blog reminds me why I felt like a square peg in a round hole all those years I tried to be a good Southern Baptist. My Baptist buddies will enjoy reading his blog, he's an excellent writer. More on this later...

Busy day, many errands, gotta run...

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