Monday, January 15, 2007

Just what I've been waiting for...

Sagittarius: Sun is in Capricorn, Moon is in Sagittarius. Mercury is going into Aquarius. For the next several weeks it will be easier to learn technical subjects. Obviously, this is your cue to finally read the manual.

But which manual? I've ignored so many. Benji votes for the camphone manual, since I have yet to post any pictures from it. According to this, I have a window of several weeks, so look out, you young tekkies! This tortoise may overtake you, yet.

First the rain and then the cold, we knew it was coming. I just hope the ice storms have stopped their march of destruction. Below freezing temps are predicted for tomorrow night, finally some winter coat weather. I was outside in shorts and tank top this week-end.

I got a rare treat this morning when Mike let me sleep late. He went to the doctor's office early for blood work, which requires no food until after the blood is drawn. I slept until 8:15, and that's late at my house! Thanks, Love! Gus and Jay-Jay were perfectly happy to stay in the bed with Mama. It was raining in their bathroom. With a later breakfast, a later lunch, a later everything, I feel as close to normal as I've felt in a long time. Sure wish we could get back to those days when Mike fixed his own breakfast and let me sleep.

Yesterday he saw his daughter for the first time in months. They met at Borders and exchanged Christmas gifts! I wish there were some way to break her out of that bubble she lives in with her mother, but she's ill-prepared for the world that most women her age occupy. Worrying about her produces nothing but sadness and frustration, so most of the time I force my thoughts about her situation to a different subject. Lord, have mercy!

With the story of the two boys in Missouri, I'm reminded of the very different world our children inhabit. It's no wonder Clay and Cooper are so content to stay in the house with their video games. Who knows what danger lurks right outside the door? The gated neighborhood they live in offers some extra protection, but even with that, there is no guarantee. Simply riding their bikes to the neighborhood swimming pool is a risky proposition.

Ricky warned me one time, after they had left me in charge of them for a few days, "Mama, this is not Plantersville." I had allowed them to play unsupervised on their front lawn with sidewalk chalk. I thought it was an over-reaction at the time, but now I'm glad they are so careful. I just hope they don't get totally paranoid like Mike's ex.

I watched a program last night on CNBC about electronic surveillance and how prevalent it is. The implants that were designed to identify lost pets are now being considered for children. It's probably not a bad idea.

Where is my Zoloft?


Zoilus said...

Oh, god, I think the whole kidnapping thing is WAY too overblown. Something like 90% of all child-nappings in this country are from family members (meaning divorced non-custodial parents, mostly), and certainly the front stoop in the rez is a pretty safe place. We don't even lock our doors in Makanda, for the most part. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!

C J Garrett said...

Yes, it is safe where I live,but the incident with Ricky occurred in Tampa, not MS. I know you're not super-cautious with Pip, but don't get careless with him or Bella or Phin. There are more crazy people out there than there used to be. Believe me.