Friday, December 15, 2006

The tree is decorated, and "the stockings were hung by the chimney with care..." That's as far as I got, about 10% of what needs to be done between now and the time guests arrive.

I used the red and gold theme again, it's my favorite. That old tree has had every color combination imaginable on it, from teal and mauve to all white to multi-colored to gold, silver, and white, and I keep coming back to the red and gold. The red I use is more burgundy except for the cardinals, which don't come in any color but Christmas red. The tree is a blue spruce silk tree that I bought at Sears back in '87, but I still like it. The box is falling apart, but the tree has aged well, so I continue to use it. (It's not really blue, but more of a teal green than garish green.) We used a live tree one year, and I vowed never again. I vacuumed pine needles from the carpet for a month.

The weather man reminded us last night that we actually had snow before Christmas in '97 (our first Christmas in this condo). Bonnie was 10 years old, we had decorated the tree the night before, and had no idea that snow was on its way. She was so excited the next morning when we told her. It's the closest we've ever come to a white Christmas. I made some good pictures that year, but none that captured the beauty of that rare occasion. By Christmas Day, it had all melted.

Then we had snow to the south of us in 2001, just a few days after Christmas. Ricky's family was here, and Benji, and we drove to Hattiesburg so Clay and Cooper could experience their first snow. They concluded that it wasn't nearly as much fun as sand, "too cold!", they told us between chattering teeth and tears, and they were ready to leave after about 5 minutes. Just chalk that one up as one of Gramma's hair-brained ideas. Ricky did get some funny video that will probably re-appear if he ever wants to embarrass his children, maybe at a wedding rehearsal dinner, or something.

Mike and I went to a Christmas party last night at the Methodist Rehab Quest clinic, a sort of reunion for all their therapists and patients. I hope it reminded him of how far he's come and how blessed he is to have recovered as much as he has.

He was in a bad mood most of the day and was beginning to try to make "deals with the devil." Giving up alcohol completely was sounding less and less appealing to him, going to AA might not be necessary, he said, "I can control my drinking," he insisted more than once. It's all part of the drying-out process that alcoholics go through before they hit bottom.

I thought Sunday was THE BOTTOM, but maybe not. He's planning to ask his cardiologist today about "safe drinking." "You can ask him whatever you want to, but if you want to continue living with me, there won't be any drinking, so be sure you factor that in to your conception of 'safe drinking,'" I told him.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

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Zoilus said...

I think that trip to Hattiesburg was in 2000, as I was still married to LTA at that point (may have been '99). I just remember them both crying because their hands were so cold after throwing snowballs bare-handed for half an hour. Too fun.