Friday, December 29, 2006

Mary Ann's sister Lori has invited us to their holiday dinner this evening in Gautier. As much as I would like to go, I don't want to make another trip with Mike. In fact, I promised myself in Illinois at Thanksgiving that that was the last one. Maybe I should just take off without him while he's at the gym. Nah, that would be mean. We'll probably go, since it's not but about 6 hours of road time round trip. Surely, my husband can maintain civility for that long. Maybe I should give him a Xanex with his lunch.

Skip's visit was much too brief, as usual. I wish he lived in the next block, instead of the next state. I would really enjoy more frequent conversations with him. He talked very straight with Mike about our need for couple therapy. Mike doesn't realize how close to the end of my rope I feel sometimes. He advised Mike to sacrifice the pleasure of drinking until the deeper issues between us are resolved. On a scale of 1-10, his satisfaction with our marriage is about 8 or 9, mine is about 2. He has no idea how dissatisfied I am or why.

Well, if we're going to Gautier, I need to get ready. Maybe I can write more later...
Mary Ann made this picture of all the boys at Lori's house. From left to right, Matthew, Clay, Cooper, John. Baby Aiden is in front. Clay and Cooper belong to Ricky and Mary Ann. The rest are Lori and Marshall's.

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Zoilus said...

Yeah, I'd say couples therapy is long overdue for you both, not to mention some individual therapy for him, too. You both have a lot of stuff to deal with and it won't just go away if you don't.