Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In case you haven't already discovered this wonderful resource, use this link to access some of my favorite Christmas music; select from any of the options under Holiday Specials and let your soul be blessed. http://americanpublicmedia.publicradio.org/ There's several hours worth of music there. Above the Holiday Specials under Music, St. Paul Sunday and Pipedreams both offer Christmas specials for 2006 and in their archives are Christmas specials from years past.

Happy 19th Anniversary to Ricky and Mary Ann! What a sweet, loving couple! One of my favorite mementos of their wedding is a poem that Mary Ann cross-stitched for her mother-in-law. It hangs next to their wedding picture in my dining room. Clay read it aloud when they were here and immediately understood the rich legacy of love into which he and his brother were born. Can there be any more important gift to give a child?

The poem says:

He fills my life with love and care/His special smile is always there/His gentle touch and tender heart/With strength of will shall never part/No other man can match his way/He brightens every single day/So much of him is part of you/I thank you for the man we view/We join our hearts as man and wife/Our love for you will last for life.

May God bless you with many more happy years together.


Zoilus said...

Hopefully Clay will grow up to be a better big brother than Jr. I have to say I'm quite shocked that he won't even come here for Christmas. He hasn't seen Pip since Pip was four months old!

Cathy Johnson Garrett said...

Benji, this hurts your pride, I'm sure, but don't write him off this soon in Pip's young life. Besides, what difference will it make to Pip in the long run? Your frequent exposure to your uncles as a child didn't seem to have much influence on you. As I remember, neither Clayton nor Richard made much effort to be involved in the lives of their nephews and they seem to have turned out ok. Maybe it's the Borden way. How many times have you inconvenienced yourself for your nephews? My favorite uncle never visited us but I always enjoyed being around him when we visited his family. Is it Ricky or your unrealistic expectations that are making you disappointed? 'Tis the season to be jolly. SMILE!