Sunday, November 12, 2006

On Saturday afternoon I went with Tara and family out to
visit Vance. The boys enjoyed all the running space and the dogs and Harlee's toys. After Bethany got home from work with Harlee, I tried to get a picture of all the parents and children, but it's hard to get wiggly little boys to sit still long enough for a good group shot. Of the 6 pictures I made, this one had the fewest frowns. Since Griffin's head is ducked, I'm including the single shot of him.

The fall color around the lake was so pretty and I had no trouble picturing
Ricky and Mary Ann's house on the lot next door. There are some big trees that I hope they're able to keep. The dirt road that separates the Johnson and Borden lots will be paved soon as a joint project among neighbors. We need to get some pictures of all the autumn leaves so Rick will have a better idea of what to keep. Maybe most of them will still be there when they come at the end of the month.

6:00 pm. We visited Mother for a short while today, it's her 88th birthday. She looked fairly alert and seemed to vaguely recognize family members. When I showed her Tara's pictures as a child in her album, and I asked if she knew who it was, she said, "my granddaughter." Then we explained that the pregnant mother of the two unfamiliar boys is the same granddaughter, she smiled. I think she enjoyed the visit before the boys got fussy. It was their naptime, so we didn't stay long.

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