Saturday, November 18, 2006

I've got a sick puppy this morning. Gus is feeling puny and yelps pitifully like he has a tender place when I try to pick him up. He isn't limping, and his nose is wet, but he wasn't hungry last night, and he trembled until he went to sleep, clearly some sort of distress going on. He ate a little bit this morning and went outside with Jay-Jay for about 10 minutes. I hope he hasn't been hurt or mistreated while running unleashed. The UPS delivery people are the only ones I've known who will kick barking dogs. Gus hates them, and no wonder. Everybody else in the neighborhood knows and loves him, or at least, tolerates him.

The Dec. 1 weight loss goal has been reached. I want to lose a couple more pounds so I don't have to worry about Thanksgiving. We plan to spend it with Benji's family and will probably rent a cabin at the nearby state park. Their lodge offers outstanding meals. Karen's parents are coming from Mobile, so it should be fun.

I wonder if her dad is still supporting Bush. Mike heard from one of his Republican friends this week that he has switched to the Democratic party, one of the last people we would have guessed would give up on this administration. Some of the pundits said that even Rush Limbaugh is disgusted with Dubya (he's tired of carrying water for them?), as are several of the other right-wing radio personalities. Well, they had a good 12-year run, maybe it's time they did something else. Their hot air contributed to the craziness that has prevailed in Washington for the last few years.

I took the quiz, which really didn't take that long, and here's what it said were my signature strengths. For those of you who have to plan my funeral one day, this may come in handy.

Your Top Strength

Spirituality, sense of purpose, and faith. You have strong and coherent beliefs about the higher purpose and meaning of the universe. You know where you fit in the larger scheme. Your beliefs shape your actions and are a source of comfort to you.

Your Second Strength

Humor and playfulness. You like to laugh and tease. Bringing smiles to other people is important to you. You try to see the light side of all situations.

Your Third Strength

Appreciation of beauty and excellence. You notice and appreciate beauty, excellence, and/or skilled performance in all domains of life, from nature to art to mathematics to science to everyday experience.

Your Fourth Strength

Bravery and valor. You are a courageous person who does not shrink from threat, challenge, difficulty, or pain. You speak up for what is right even if there is opposition. You act on your convictions.

Your Fifth Strength

Gratitude. You are aware of the good things that happen to you, and you never take them for granted. Your friends and family members know that you are a grateful person because you always take the time to express your thanks.

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