Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a gorgeous fall day we're having in Central Mississippi! Clear skies and 72*, and Daylight Savings Time is behind us. How much more perfect could it get?

Our singing of the anthems in church this morning, if graded, would get an A+. David had big smiles after each one, and Mike described them as "moving," Nunc dimittis in B-flat by C. V. Stanford and The eyes of all wait upon thee by Jean Berger. I wish there were someway to record and then play them on this blog. Even though I'm glad we don't use any electronic gear in our church services, I would like to be able to replay our anthems sometimes.

Mike and I had lunch at McAllister's after church, and I was grateful for his company. He's gone to Jon and Trish's to check out their new surround sound system, and has promised to limit the beer drinking while there. Last Sunday bothered him almost as much as it did me, but it was the next day before it did.

The pictures from last Sunday's dedication of the church's new playground have been posted. It was built as a memorial for the Mader baby who was stillborn (mentioned in my Mar. 16 post), and for the Crump baby who died last year from heart failure.
When Tom was consecrating the equipment with holy water, the children wanted it sprinkled on them, too, which he did. The picture of him laughing about this is directly under the Wyatt Waters painting.

Speaking of Faith on MPB was especially good this week, I thought. The Religious Roots of American Democracy made some historical points not often heard in the current "values voting" debate. Here's the link for those who missed it.

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