Sunday, October 15, 2006

There is a new picture of Cecil's sandbox on George's site that includes Ricky, Benji, and me (weighing about 70 lbs less than I weigh now). It's an old black and white, kinda fuzzy focus, hard to tell for sure about the one I think is Ricky. I wonder if my kids still know the names of the other kids shown. Their faces are so familiar, but I couldn't come up with any names except Tommy Lindsay, Chris Williams, and Darrin Grimes. That must have been about 1972. I really don't want to be that skinny again.

Church was back to normal this morning. I'm glad. The choir sounded good, David was pleased. Mike's class started a new book study on The Creed. He said they had a lively discussion, but I haven't had a chance to ask about it. He went to Margarita's for lunch, I came home. I've sworn off restaurant food until my weight starts going down again. I need to lose 2.5 lbs by Nov. 1. I put Mike's name on the prayer list again since he's started a new round of therapy. Several people asked about him, thinking he had some sort of setback. Some of them told me they still pray for him even though his name hasn't been on the list in a long time. There are some really sweet people in that church. This picture was made on Goat Roast Sunday when everybody was dressed in jeans. That's David on the piano and the choir is rehearsing in the background.

I need to find out what book the Red Hat Readers are reading this month and go back to their meeting on Tuesday. I haven't been since Mike's stroke. It's the only group other than choir that I've been involved with since moving to St. Philips. I would really like to know more people there than I know, and unless I get involved with some of the other small groups, it ain't gonna happen.

Betsy and Richard have decided not to move, yet. I was dreading the hassle of getting a new renter. Thank goodness, my property manager takes care of most of it. She's worth every penny of the 10% fee she charges.

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