Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's cool enough to turn on the heat, but by this afternoon we'll probably switch back to AC. I plugged up my portable heater by my desk because it got down to 65 in here last night; it's 45 outside. This house really needs better insulation.

Sage advice for sags today: Sun is in Libra, Moon is going from Cancer into Leo. Friends are enthusiastic, and only want to play. You're usually right up in front of the pack, but this time, lag behind. Only do the free stuff. This Sag lagged behind long ago, when she learned how much free fun she could have. She does miss some of her playmates, though. I wish they had been interested in more than just the fun stuff.

Speaking of fun stuff, I was really embarrassed after George posted a picture of some kids playing croquet at Cecil's and didn't recognize my own brother! I looked at that kid several times thinking, I know him, who is he? The fact that Ken was in the picture should have been a dead giveaway. He and Paul were best buds for years, we rarely saw one without the other. Then I realized the picture was made around the time when I was so in love with Richard that I wasn't aware of much else.

I wonder if kids these days would have any interest in a park like we enjoyed. Tennis, croquet, shuffleboard, ping pong, cards, how could that possibly have any appeal to the gameboy generation? If I had lots of money, I would love to recreate that park, build a big bed and breakfast where Cecil's house is for all us retiring boomers, and invite all the Pville kids who loved that time and place to come live with me and play with me, and invite the grandkids to learn the joys of "free fun."

Fantasy - some of my favorite free fun! (Photo by George Morris Kelly)

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