Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Our power was out from 9:30 pm until 4:30 am, so we got a rude awakening when it all came back on, an appropriate boo for Halloween, I guess. My neighbor Art said a car hit a power pole, he wasn't sure if there were serious injuries, or not.

George posted a picture of the cutest little pirate I've ever seen, also my Halloween recollections. I can't guarantee they're 100% accurate. All that stuff kinda runs together after all these years. He reminded me of one of the Borden twins' antics that I hadn't thought of in ages. They were always into some sort of mischief. My Borden boys tossed a few rolls of TP through some trees, but as far as their mother knows, that was the worst of it. Benji and Johnny Horton used to scare the younger kids who were trick or treating. Benji loved playing Dracula, then went on to star in that play at ICC. He did a great job with the role, maybe those years of Halloween practice came in handy.

I'm back to using my old mouse this morning. Mike killed the new one yesterday. He borrowed my computer to do some CE, pitched one of his hissy fits, and even though he says he didn't touch the mouse when he was beating his fist on the desk, it died. Maybe he scared it to death. Oh well, I got $3.95 worth of use from it. When I go shopping for a new one, I'm looking for a new scanner and monitor, as well, but not at Big Lots. Best Buy was advertising several discontinued models marked way down last week. Maybe I can find something in my price range. I'm not one who cares about having the latest and greatest gadget.

I've reached my weight loss goal for Nov. 1 and that was without very much walking. My fall on the 10th caused another concussion, the 2nd in 6 mos., so I've been wary of walking with the dogs. Some of us are not coordinated enough to do that and pay attention to where we put our feet. They've been running loose except on Tuesdays and Fridays, when a few of our neighbors still use bags instead of cans for their garbage. One of them had emptied a freezer full of pizza and lasagne, which Gus and Jay-Jay would have considered a banquet. Thank goodness, I found it before they did.


Zoilus said...

Hey, the girl was (is) Belinda Haynes. We were great friends when I was at ICC, but then lost touch. I think she went on to finish at Delta State. She played the role of Mina in the play.

Zoilus said...

Woops, strike that! That's ugh I can't remember her name now, but Dad dated her mother for a short period of time once when you broke up. Allison Russell? Nope. I dunno. Can't think of it. But we talked about it, I remember, when you both came to see the play that year.

C. J. Garrett said...

That would have been Barbara Estes, who married Stacy Russell, so it may have been their daughter Allison.