Wednesday, October 25, 2006

One of the most mystical events in my life occurred in May 1992. After switching to the Episcopal church, I had gotten back into the habit of Daily Bible Readings, but rather than the one select passage I'd done as a Baptist, the Daily Office required four passages - OT, Psalm, NT, Gospel - it's the same everyday. Regular practice of this discipline will take the reader through the entire Bible and some of the apocryphal passages every two years.

The four passages appointed for this particular day were Exodus 3:1-12, Psalm 66,67, Hebrews 12:18-29, Luke 10:17-24. I was having trouble concentrating, so I began reading aloud. Softly playing in the background was sacred music from WLIN radio. Just as I got to "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground," the radio came in, as if on perfect cue, with "This is holy ground, we're standing on holy ground, for the Lord is here, and where he is is holy..." My attention was riveted as never before to the music, and I transcended my surroundings as the sunlight flooded my living room. (It had been raining.) The choir continued with this medley:

This is holy ground, we're standing on holy ground, for the Lord is here, and where he is is holy. These are holy hands, we're lifting up holy hands, for the Lord is here, and where he is is holy.

We are standing on holy ground, And I know that there are angels all around, Let us praise Jesus now, We are standing in his presence on holy ground.

O the glory of your Presence, we your temple give you reverence, so arise to your rest and be blessed by our praise as we glory in your embrace, as your presence now fills this place.

Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might, Heaven and earth are filled with your glory, hosanna, hosanna in the highest.

After this heavenly visitation, I drifted back down to earth and finished my Bible readings. Needless to say, I paid close attention to THE WORD OF THE LORD. That afternoon I opened a package from Integrity Music which contained a cassette tape of the very same music I had heard that morning on the radio. I don't believe this was all coincidental.

I relate this story because today's Gospel reading was the same passage from Luke 10. I never read it without thinking about that day and I still wonder about its personal significance to me. I discussed it with Ed Bacon, who was my priest at the time, and he had a few suggestions, but basically told me it was something that God and I would have to figure out. Was God calling me to a special ministry or was he just blessing me with a unique worship experience? I'm still not sure, the possibilities are endless.

Art by Rosemary Babikan "Angel in the Meadow" Click on Daily Meditation, and rejoice that your names are written in Heaven.

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