Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh, I like this one: Sun is in Scorpio, Moon is in Sagittarius. Just when you thought all was lost, you come up with something that works. Are you a genius, or is it a miracle? Well, both, of course.

Even though I wasn't thinking all was lost, I did get my puppies to do their business this morning outside in the pouring rain. I took them under a tree so they felt somewhat protected, I guess. It's supposed to rain all day. Let's hope this method works every time. Now that will be a miracle!

Another miracle I'm hoping for is that Harold Ford is elected in Tennessee. The Playboy bunny ad is one of the most dispicable dirty tricks I've seen yet. Race baiting 101. The talking heads who see nothing racist about it have obviously never lived in the South. They need to be dropped off at an all-white Memphis bar on a Friday night when that ad is played on TV.

Rush Limbaugh better hope he never gets Parkinson's, either. Making fun of Michael J. Fox is bad karma. He's asking for it, if you ask me. I mean, just because he disagrees with his political views is no justification for ridiculing the poor man. If he were half-way decent, he'd be ashamed and apologize. But nooooooo!

Enough of the politics, Cathy. Shut up and whistle. Here are a couple of items that caught my interest from all the different news sources that come thru email everyday:

Denmark researchers recently analyzed 3.5 million grocery store transactions from nearly 100 stores. Grocery store patrons were classified as “wine only,” “beer only,” “mixed,” or “non-alcohol.” The results?
The wine-buyers purchased: Foods associated with the Meditteranean Diet, like fruits, veggies, olives, poultry, olive oil, and milk.
The beer crowd favored: Chips, soda, pork, butter, and frozen food.

I wonder how closely Americans buying habits mirror those of the Danes.

Recently Gallup asked respondents if they were satisfied or dissatisfied with the “way things are going” in the country. Sixty-eight percent of those polled said they were dissatisfied, with only 30 percent saying they were satisfied.

I just hope Democrats use this national pessimism to their advantage. I know - shut up, Cathy, and whistle.

Mick came in from the cold and wet and made himself comfortable under my desk lamp. Smart kitty, he loves the warmth (and the classical music ?). And that reminds me, in the contest between the cats and birds, Rick is pulling for the Cardinals. Still haven't heard from Benji on the subject, but my guess is he's a Cardinal fan, too.

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