Saturday, September 16, 2006

We had an unexpected visit from our surrogate grandchild Daniel last night. He got an ipod for his 14th birthday and wanted to download some tunes on my computer. It took him a couple of hours, but he finally figured it out. He and his mom went to the NWR football game afterwards. She has bought a camper and they are living at the Timberlake campground. I worry more about him than I do my own grandchildren, whose parents I know and trust a lot more than I do his. Like the step-daughter, his needs are being minimally met, just enough to keep the sheriff off the doorstep. Kids need so much more.

Benji sent a cute video of Pip getting a haircut and a picture of him after the haircut. He's been more difficult than usual this week trying to adjust to a new schedule and new daycare, and now a big boy haircut. Doesn't look too happy, does he? Do I see some Uncle Ricky in him? He was 19 months old yesterday. Those little chubby cheeks need some Gramma sugar, but that will have to wait until Thanksgiving.

I'm hoping to see the Florida folks in October, Cooper and Mary Ann have birthdays, but Mike is insisting that they install a handrail on their stairway. He made it fine without one when we were there at Christmas, so it seems really silly to say he needs one now when he didn't need one then. I worry that he doesn't realize how unreasonable that sounds to the rest of us. Maybe he'd rather sleep downstairs on the sofa.

We finally got the estimate on the bathroom tile work and it seemed a little high, so I'm going to Lowe's this afternoon to check their prices, maybe Home Depot, too. I heard water dripping inside the wall while Mike was in the shower this morning. Not good, gotta get this done.

My former priest is in the news again. Seems the IRS is determined to investigate him and his church no matter what the first amendment says. for the full report. And to see how well the rector is aging since leaving Jackson 11 years ago, click on Greetings.

For those who wanted to see the puzzle, it's posted below. Good luck!


Zoilus said...

Yeah, the second haircut didn't go quite as well as the first. Probably didn't help that we took him to the old man barbershop in midtown, and Grumpy at the end cut his hair (he's the most unfriendly barber I've ever been to). He's fairly happy, though, when he's not screaming at the top of his lungs about some demand or another that's not being met.

I swear, I don't know where he gets that disposition from.

Zoilus said...

Oh, here's another good shot of him mid-cut: