Sunday, September 17, 2006

I've had a pleasant Sunday. Only two members were missing from the choir this morning, so the anthems had a full sound that was unusually rich and lush for a choir the size of ours. I wore a dress that fits again since I've lost 10 pounds, and a couple of people actually noticed that I'm losing weight. That always makes me feel good.

I went to a kitchen shower for my niece Deanne today. I gave her the Foreman grill she had on her bride's registry. The casual china she chose reminds me of the pattern I selected in 1964. Turns out her future father-in-law was the man who drove Mike to the hospital when he had his first heart attack in 1989. It's a small world after all. She's going to be a beautiful bride with that long red curly hair. What a doll!

We had a little thunderstorm last hour, which put Jay-Jay right under my feet under the desk. The weather forecast says more rain tonight and tomorrow. That's good. I hope they're right. It's too late for all those brown plants on my front porch, but the sweet potato vine has taken on new life, we actually noticed a hummingbird feeding there, and the geraniums still have a little life left in them.

Since we're having some cooler temps, I'm planning to move all the summer things and store them. I also had an idea for covering the hot tub, which I plan to try while it's cool. That's one eyesore I'm really sick of seeing. I've got a tile man coming this week to give me another estimate on the bathroom work we need done. Looks like it will be a busy week.

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