Sunday, September 24, 2006

Last night's party was a blast! The birthday girl was in wonderful spirits, amazing since she'd just been through a grueling week of chemotherapy. The weather was perfect, but the musicians set up inside just in case it got nasty. We sang, we danced, we made merry; it was great fun.

I didn't sleep very well, way too much stimulation to calm down and relax. Plus, I was nervous about the solo I had to sing in church today. Rehearsal of it was better than the actual performance, but everybody told me it was good, everybody except David and James. I think they were disappointed. Mike said the last line sounded like I was a little short of breath. I was, so I took an extra breath in an "unauthorized" place, but I wouldn't have made it to the end without it.

Mike and I went to Margarita's for lunch after church. Jon and Trish came and ate with us. I came home after eating. They stayed to have another margarita and visit. I'm feeling the need for a siesta, so I'm cutting today's post short.

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