Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jay-Jay disappeared for several hours yesterday while Mike's emotional state rapidly deteriorated into maudlin mush. Scouring the neighborhood for a missing mutt is difficult enough without a basket case passenger riding along to theorize about the whys and wherefores of the situation. A routine run outside for "business" turned into an indictment of every irresponsible misdeed I ever committed. I was ready to lose him by the time Jay-Jay showed up on his own, just like I said he would.

These overcharged emotional episodes wear me out. He always apologizes later, so he's fully aware that they bother me. I just wish he had more control than he has before they go as far as they go. I was very relieved to see Jay-Jay at the back door around 7:15. Beside being annoyed with Mike, I was beginning to get very sad, too. He was generous with the puppy kisses when he came in, very unusual for Jay-Jay, but he was glad to be home.

Happy news from Tampa - Clay is doing well in 7th grade and loves karate and reading. Mary Ann has joined a band and is taking drum lessons in addition to playing the piano and singing. She even bought a set of drums and set them up in her office, which the boys think is totally cool, and Ricky doesn't know what to think. Cooper's grades are good and he's enjoying playing baseball. I'll bet there's never a dull moment at their house.

Fresh Air was playing on MPB yesterday while I was out looking for Jay-Jay. The topic was Christian Zionism, complete with an interview with the Rev. John Hagee, and clips from his recent sermons. These people seem fanatical to me, dangerously fanatical, and I'm afraid they're influencing much of Bush's foreign policy. They want apocalyptic warfare, rather than peace, and remain the only group who supports the Iraq war without question. http://www.npr.org/ Under "All Things Considered" is a story regarding All Saints, Pasadena with clips from Ed Bacon's sermon on Sunday. This one I liked.

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