Friday, September 29, 2006

I got summoned for jury duty for the week of Oct. 9. That's the week we were planning to make our trip to Tampa. It's also the week the tile man wants to do the work in the bathroom. Something's gotta give. I could probably get out of jury duty if I used the "primary caregiver to stroke patient husband" excuse, but that's basically dishonest when he's perfectly capable of making it through the day without me, so I won't do that. I wonder if previously scheduled repair work is a valid excuse? Surely, we can reschedule that. (I've put a shower curtain over the damaged wall to keep the water off of it.)

I actually enjoy jury duty. The few times I've been called turned out to be interesting. I met Rankin County neighbors I wouldn't have met any other way, and I caught up on some reading. I do believe in doing my civic duty, so I'll probably go.

Seems the assessment I made a couple of days ago ("The emperor has no clothes and they can no longer hide that fact from anyone but him.") was overly optimistic. The number of his cheerleaders is shrinking, that's good, but there are still those who, like their pseudo-fearless leader, are afraid to admit that he could be wrong. He's vowed to "stay the course" even if Laura and Barney the dog, are the only two who support him. As Bob Woodruff's new book says, they're in a State of Denial.

When Congress passed the Detainee Bill, I couldn't help but wonder about financial incentives, as in, "no more money for your state race unless you go along." And he has the nerve to call Democrats the "cut and run" party. Basic principles of decency bite the dust once again in the rush for the almighty dollar. What happened to that much-touted backbone of John McCain?

If Americans are thinking and listening carefully to all that's happening, I believe that Democrats will win back the House and the Senate in November. Ever the optimist!

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