Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blogger problems this morning, really getting on my nerves, first draft, several paragraphs lost, here we go again...

Renae, the speech therapist at the nursing home, says Mother has quit eating again. It's not just the swallowing problem, but she's also lost her appetite. She's not responding to staff members much either, verbally or with facial expressions. Dr. Kroose is to examine her today or tomorrow, and they will let me know what he says. I may try to talk to him directly. She may bounce back, she's surprised us before, and she may not.

I took Mike to choir rehearsal with me last night, not because he wanted to sing, but because he didn't want to stay at home alone. He sat in the courtyard listening to us sing until the mosquitoes started biting, then came inside, then went to the car, where he was when we finished, reclined, listening to the radio. I fail to see how that makes him less anxious than staying by himself for a couple of hours, but he said it did, so I tried not to resent his tagging along. It effected my concentration, which I really need on the more difficult pieces, but his presence and his emotional frailty were a definite distraction to me.

Dr. Tipton prescribed more therapy for him on Monday, so we're waiting now for the insurance to be approved. It's no wonder that uninsured stroke patients make so much less progress than insured patients. Statistics show their success in rehab to be 60-75% lower, their survival beyond 6 months 50% lower, mainly because they can't afford to do anything but go home and die. Health care in the USA is appallingly inadequate. Don't get me started.

Daniel has been using my computer quite a bit lately, so I'm thinking some of the trouble I'm having this morning may be due to that. It's doing some really weird things. I did put a stop to the porn sights, though. Fourteen year old boys and their curiosity! Need I say more?

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