Saturday, August 12, 2006

August 12, 2006 - The Sun is in Leo, Moon is going from Pisces into Aries. You're a wildly independent sort of person, as everyone knows. That's why they want to tag along. You're where the action is. Unless you're hiding out, of course.

So goes the life of this Sagittarian, with more hiding than action as she ages. Hiding out is a good thing, though, especially if your car insurance was cancelled two months ago and you're just now finding out about it. What's that old saying about God protects the fools and the children? I'm really glad nothing happened during that time and that I finally got it reinstated. Yesterday's horoscope said: If you can stay in your house for two months, with everything you need, you can wait out all sorts of traumas that could occur out there. Get a generator, too, so the ice cream doesn't melt. Mississippi heat does tend to keep me "in the house" as much as possible.

My insurance agent is also a personal friend whose wife was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months back. She was the organized one in his office. Now that she's no longer able to work, he's at a serious disadvantage. His company recently changed their billing system, too, so the poor man is really struggling to hold things together. I felt so sorry for him when I was in his office yesterday, seems I'm not the only one whose coverage had lapsed. Talk about a double whammy! I just hope his errors and omissions policy is paid; I see lawsuits in the making. Dear God, send your angels to work overtime protecting this man's clients.

My DSL went down yesterday, then my computer went haywire. I had to spend several hours running diagnostics, defragging, making sure all security systems were up-to-date and screening properly. Seems everything is back to normal today. Friday was a stressful day for me.

And it started out so peaceful! Due to the rains on Thursday, everything had a freshly washed sparkle to it. The flowers that were wilting the day before looked happy, and the green grass was more noticable than the brown. My condo even looked less drab than it usually does. And we're supposed to get more rain today.


Zoilus said...

Should I say anything about pc's? OK, I won't.

C. J. Garrett said...

Yeah, when you can tell me you've NEVER had trouble with a Mac, then you can talk about PC's.