Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I finally figured out how to correct the spacing problem I was having yesterday with Blogger. I always feel smart when that happens.

I solved another problem in our bathroom, but it's just a temporary fix. The ceramic tiles surrounding our tub are beginning to come off the wall due to a moisture problem caused by inadequate caulking and sealing in places. They are now back up on the wall with Duck tape, not duct tape, but Duck tape. It's white like the tiles, so it doesn't look too bad, and it's waterproof, but we need to call in a tile repairman for a permanent fix.

This problem started when Mike, needing a grab bar, grapped hold of the soap dish on the wall to pull himself up. It promptly came unglued. So the first Duck tape was applied over a year ago and is still holding. He now has a properly installed grab bar, but Mr. Coleman, our handyman, told me when he put it in that he did not "do tile."

Rather than repairing just the damaged area, I'd really like to take it all down and replace it with a more decorative tile. The original is a basic white that never looks clean. Since the sheet rock underneath will have to be replaced, we might as well get new tile, too. It's going to have to wait until week after next when company has come and gone.

My horoscope today says: Sun is in Cancer, Moon is going from Aries into Taurus. There's more work than can be ignored, unfortunately. It had to happen. You can only put things off for so long. Get busy, and don't complain.

I know that's right.

Betsy is having a hard time adjusting to being by herself again. She sounded quite anxious when I called her yesterday, worrying about a lot of things, trying to help her ex who doesn't even realize he needs help. He's in the best place for the time being. I wish she could accept that and not worry so much about him. He'll probably show up on her doorstep soon enough. If he's coming back there to live, she needs to be responsible for giving him his meds everyday. He probably would never agree to that, but for her own peace of mind, she could ask him. He might just surprise her and let her do it.

The problem with that is she isn't convinced he needs all the meds he's been prescribed. They make him drowsy and she doesn't like him sleeping so much. She hasn't let go of the dream that he will be normal again one day. Until she does, she's going to be unhappy and unable to deal with his condition in an effective way. Mental illness is pernicious.

O God, whose circle of care includes all, encourage us and our families, that we may cope effectively with mental illness. Deepen our understanding. Teach us patience. Increase our capacity for empathy and acceptance. Enable us to share the journey with those who are struggling. So nurture and sustain us in your love that we may act wisely and serve compassionately, to relieve suffering, provide care, and offer hope. Amen

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