Monday, June 26, 2006

I wish I had a picture of my two dogs asleep on the bed in my office. Both are belly-up with paws in the air, letting the ceiling fan cool their undersides; both look like they're smiling. I tried to nap earlier, but Mick kept trying to get on the bed with us. Gus and Jay-Jay had to chase him off several times, so by that time, I was no longer sleepy. Gus and Mick have actually played together some recently. Mick had his front paws around Gus's neck yesterday like he was hugging him. Gus was stupified. Jay-Jay is still afraid of cats and will bark at them only if he's got Gus to back him up.

Our weather is supposed to be a little cooler this week with slightly lower humidity. It was quite pleasant when we went for our walk this morning. Not much else going on around here.

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