Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have yet to figure out how to post links of favorite blogs on my sidebar. From what I can tell, it requires at least a cursory knowledge of HTML, something I have not yet acquired. I do know how to include them in this body of narrative, so here goes:

The proverbial grapevine is finally in a form I can understand. My eyes hear so much better than my ears.

Another blog that has reported events as they happen in real time is

I could do without most of their commentary, but it's good to get a balanced view of the situation. Actually, this blog is a back-up to their regular site, which has crashed several times since GC06 started. Traffic overload, they said. Another blog that is providing real time coverage is

The transcript of our new PB's homily at today's Eucharist was interesting. She used the phrase "our mother Jesus," which doesn't seem that weird to me, but it ruffled more than a few feathers. I fail to see why "new birth" or "born again in Jesus" is so different from "our mother Jesus." He described himself as feeling like a mother hen. What's the big deal? The androgynous nature of God, get used to it fellows! I have a feeling you'll be hearing a lot more about it in the coming years.

The conventioneers are being treated to a great display of God's fireworks this morning while they try to wrap up this messy business. For the first time since they've been there, it's raining, violently storming, one blogger said. It's a fascinating time to be an Episcopalian!

Just talked with Mary Ann and she's homesick. They're coming to Mississippi in about a month, but in the meantime, she's struggling with summer slump and a short supply of seratonin. (Try saying that fast 3 times.) She's been off sugar for about a month which is bound to make anybody blue, so she's taking Sam-E. On top of that a good friend is moving. It ain't easy being so far away from home and the only female in a houseful of guys. I'm glad she's among guys who adore her. Comfort her, Lord, and give her the energy and the optimism she needs to be happy.


The 75th General Convention June 21 approved a resolution that calls on bishops and Standing Committees to "exercise restraint by not consenting to the consecration of any candidate to the episcopate whose manner of life presents a challenge to the wider church and will lead to further strains on communion."

It seems a reasonable step to take for the sake of unity. I'm just afraid that those who want to split will anyway. And will Canterbury be satisfied? It is not in the language requested by the Windsor Report, so probably not. Are we being held hostage by those who are so afraid of offending others that they are unwilling to follow God's lead into uncharted waters? Time will tell.


Zoilus said...

Editing your links on the sidebar is fairly easy, providing you know how to use the "find" command on your browser. What you do is open up your blog, go to "Template" and then find the word "Google" in all of that code. It looks fairly daunting but trust me, it's easy (otherwise, I would not have been able to do it). It should look something like this:

(this code may not come out right, or may just show up as a hyperlink for Google News, but just "Find" it and you'll see the line I'm talking about. It starts with a and ends with the words Google News and the address for Google News inbetween)

Then, just put whatever link you want to post in the place of the url of Google, then NAME the link in between the carrots where Google News is. Voilá! You're done. Easy peezie japaneezie.

Zoilus said...

Okay so maybe it's not that easy. . .

C. J. Garrett said...

I'm going to try it, just haven't had time, yet. Be patient.