Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jack has breast cancer. It has spread to her lymph nodes and spinal cord. Some sort of treatment will be necessary, else she could be paralyzed and have open, oozing, foul smelling sores. Surgery is impractical, but the surgeon thinks the oncologist may want to try chemo. We have not met with the oncologist yet. It takes a couple of days to get the results back from the biopsy they did today.

I helped Mother with her breakfast and lunch, and her appetite was fairly good. They gave her halydol to relax her and make her less contrary. It's working really well.

I have talked to several cancer patients since admitting Mother yesterday, and they've all told me that chemotherapy and radiation are not nearly as bad as they used to be. Some patients suffer no side effects at all. Since she has been approved for medicaid, all her expenses are paid. The skeptic in me is trying to make sure they don't do a lot of unnecessary procedures to run up a big bill, when there is little chance for recovery. So far, I have detected no hint that her situation may be exploited.

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