Monday, April 24, 2006

"Come Monday, it'll be all right...", or so says Jimmy Buffett. Our weekend was a pleasant one. We went shopping Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Mike doesn't seem to mind it as much as he used to, even though I still can't do the kind of shopping I enjoy while he's along. We bought new knit pants and shirts for him, his others were getting a little threadbare. I got new sandals and a purse.

The 2nd Sunday of Easter is usually a letdown after the 1st, lower attendance, less challenging music, and yesterday was no exception. There is such warm camaraderie among the choir members, though, I always get a lift in my spirits. Molly's sermon on peace was good, too, the part I heard.

In visiting with Nancy and David before rehearsal, I learned the difference in Disciples of Christ and Church of Christ. The first is the more liberal wing, they use musical instruments, the second is more conservative with all the singing done a cappella, and the one Nancy grew up in. When I mentioned that I'd read an article about Bishop Gene Robinson having a Disciples of Christ background, there was a long moment of awkward silence, no response from David, whose face actually paled, nor Nancy. A stink bomb could not have been more unwelcomed than that subject. They did launch into a laundry list of gay choirmasters, joking and laughing, which tells me that homosexuality, and the trouble it's causing in church politics, discussed in serious tones is not nearly as easy to do as joking and gossiping about those who are, and are or are not out of the closet. I was wrong to broach the subject so suddenly, maybe, but then I've never had the knack for small talk. It's no wonder I feel like a social outcast sometimes.

I've had a running dialogue with Hearts of Space people because their program is supposed to automatically scan each computer that logs in for the correct broadcasting bandwidth. Since mine is dial-up, I should be getting it at 32kbps, instead it's coming in at 64. Refreshing, logging out and in again, nothing seems to help. They've promised me some free time for the hassle, and have been super nice about the whole thing. There is obviously a bug in the software they need to fix. Most of their subscribers probably need the 64 speed. They could do like and let each user click on the correct speed, rather than depending on it to be done automatically.

It cost me almost $40 to fill up my gas tank Saturday, and it wasn't even down in the "2 gal. left" zone. George Bush may not have raised taxes, but he might as well have. And because he's so beholden to the oil companies, he can't do anything about their greed.

Mike wants to look into the possibility of getting a tri-bike. We see them out here quite often, and it's something he could do, he says. They look expensive, but maybe not.

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