Friday, March 31, 2006

"All of a sudden, all the work you've been thinking about actually needs to be done. Be careful, though. It'll be easy to break things." So says the horoscope. Aaaaaaagh! I hate housework, but my house is long overdue. With Mike gone to the gym, it will be easier to get most of it done. I really miss those days when we cleaned together. It wasn't nearly as difficult. And it was a big turn-on, isn't that strange? He has taken on most of the grocery shopping chores since he passes by Kroger everyday on his way to the gym, so he does still help. Rather than getting turned on, though, I just feel very grateful and usually fix him a favorite meal. We have a very comfortable arrangement most of the time.

I realized last night when we were watching Dreamer that we had a tremendous amount of love and peace, in that room, at that time. Gus was asleep in the crook of Mike's left arm, Jay-Jay was asleep on my lap, Mick rested on the back of the sofa where we sat, and Patches was at our feet, sleeping. A blessed moment, for sure. Who could ask for anything more? The movie made Mike cry, he's still very sentimental, especially when he sees a story about father and daughter. He misses Bonnie and that was the only element missing from this idyllic scene.

I stayed up late reading Kendall Harmon's defense of the indefensible. Rather than get my blood pressure up again, I'm going to go clean house.

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