Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I normally like to ease into the day; I wake up in stages, each cup of coffee brings a brighter level of consciousness, and by the 3rd one I'm almost ready to face the world. Sometimes my Facebook friends, who are never more than just a click away, start the old adrenaline rush much sooner than I prefer. Today was such a day, Election Day.

Today my FB friends greeted me with everything from rosy optimism to sheer unadulterated panic. Some are gloating already with the prospect of Nancy Pelosi losing her job as Speaker of the House. Some are explaining how divided leadership is good for the country. Others are dreading a takeover by wild-eyed, ignorant Tea Partiers. One man wants Democrats to maintain control so Armageddon will get here sooner. My friend Jackie posted this video, The Best is Yet to Come by Frank Sinatra and Jon Secada, so cheerful, it gave my spirits a much needed boost. 

Okay, my 4th cup of Joe calls. Time to shuck the fun stuff and get down to business. Let's vote, Dems!

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