Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's been a lazy day for me, lazier than usual. Probably the most productive thing I did was to go grocery shopping, prepare a couple of meals, and pay a couple of bills. I've been in one of those nostalgic moods listening to music from the 60's and hanging loose. I's a hard life.

We're in the process of selling Mother's house in Plantersville. Due to lots of unfinished business that I never got around to finishing, it's taking a lot longer to get this done than it should have, but we're getting there. Maybe letting go of our last tangible tie to my hometown has influenced some of the sadness I've felt today.

I did learn that my friend Gloria was re-elected as mayor by a fairly large margin. Congratulations to her! Glad to know P'ville is still in good hands.

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