Friday, January 09, 2009

Most of the painting got done today, some more to be done Monday, but the ladders and scaffolding and drop cloths have been removed, so I have easier access to my stairs. I should have made sure I would get two coats of paint before Jimmy started this job, but I didn't, and now he's insisting that one will be enough. The paint is a light shade of yellow, so thin spots and imperfections are hard to see. Maybe when the sun comes out tomorrow, I can tell if there are any and where they are.

Methodist Rehab is working on getting Mike admitted. Since Medicare is paying for him to be at the nursing home through the 18th, I don't expect the transfer to occur until the 19th, but they may want to do it sooner, that wasn't clear when I talked to the admitting nurse today.

He was right about the NASD exam, but it was scheduled for 1:30 today, not Thursday, and the rescheduling fee is only $75, not $200. In his case, there will probably not be a fee assessed, the lady said. I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to recall something like that. I've heard of blind people getting severe blows to their head and their vision is restored. Maybe his injuries will have some beneficial effects. Getting him sober and motivated to stay sober is the best benefit.

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