Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If I have nothing beautiful all week, I can count on going to choir, either on Wednesday nights or Sunday mornings and finding beauty. My whole week may be full of mediocrity, but on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, I will find excellence, and I am a part of it. It's my oasis in the desert.

Mike actually let me give him a bath this morning before the home health nurse came. The nursing assistant came at the same time as the nurse to bathe him and change the sheets on the bed, so we're going to have to work out a better schedule. His blood pressure was low, both his feet and ankles are swollen. I told her about his poor appetite, his weakness, his shortness of breath, and she's reporting it all to the doctor, still don't know if he will prescribe oxygen.

I've had a busy day. The Water Lilies ate at the Hilton for lunch. I love those ladies, and with them, I don't even feel guilty that I'm not doing water aerobics right now. They still inspire me. This afternoon my water aerobics partner and friend came in from her 6 week sabbatical on the coast unexpectedly, so we had a nice visit. My handyman was here to do a couple of odd jobs, then tonight I went to choir. Had it not been Wednesday, I would have spent the day inside by the fire with a good book, it was one of those cold, wet wintry days, but Wednesdays are much too busy. Yesterday we were in shorts and flip-flops; today we're all layers and sweats.

Gotta love Mississippi!

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