Saturday, December 27, 2008

There is something so deliciously freeing about having this house to myself. Mike's presence has always had an oppressive effect on me, and his negativity is especially draining. He comes in and wants all doors and windows closed and locked and would not mind keeping the house as dark as possible. I am the opposite. I want it open, unlocked and light. He wants TV noise on 24/7; I enjoy lots of peace and quiet. He would like to be able to control everything that goes on around here and everyone. I enjoy the ebb and flow of nature. How on earth did I ever think I could live happily with someone so different from myself?

We "celebrated" our 16th anniversary by watching 30 minutes of "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" Not much conversation between us except to argue about a couple of silly things. He seemed totally unaware that he has been harassing me and his friends with telephone calls in the much-too-early hours of the morning for us. I asked the nurse to unplug his phone last night and not to plug it back in until after 8 AM, but I guess they forgot. At least, he started this morning at 6:30, rather than 5:30.

He had a friend buy an anniversary card and a box of chocolate candy for me, and had actually signed the card with a sweet note. He didn't mention any of this until I got ready to leave when I asked, "Whose card and candy?" I suspect his friend Ron handled all this, since I did mention to him yesterday that it was 16 years ago when he was serving as best man in our wedding. He had called to see if there was anyway to get him to quit calling so early in the morning. I told Mike I didn't get a card for him because I did not feel much like celebrating our 16 years together. He said he understood.

Skip has decided to wait until Sunday to drive up here, should be here by the time I get out of church, so we can go to lunch, then enjoy visiting for a couple of days. Today I'm cleaning house and getting my nails done. Tonight I'm going to a choir party. Maybe before the party, I'll pay a visit to the hospital. Maybe not.

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