Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Okay, this is downright depressing. I mean, I like cold, wet weather around Christmastime, and yes, I've been out in it more than once to shop, but this is a cold dampness with fog that penetrates to the bones and chills whatever warmth I manage to muster, a "Return to thy bed and cover thy head!" kind of frigidness that is so foreign to my better nature. Can we get a break here, please, Mr. Weatherman? Well, as a matter of fact, looks like our "front slowly falls apart." It can't happen too soon. I'm sick of this.

I've just torn myself away from my newest addiction - Facebook. Yes, it's why I haven't blogged lately. For someone who hates talking on the telephone, it's a perfect way to stay in touch with certain people. For those of you who haven't been bit by the Facebook bug, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. It's free, it's fun, BUT it can be addictive. Remember, you were warned.

I've got stuff piling up around my ears that has to be done, no more procrastinating, gotta do it - Water Lilies lunch at Pan Asia, choir rehearsal and dinner, and a vacant townhouse that hasn't had a renter for two months now, but I'm still getting calls. Ay, yi, yi, yi, yi! And who is going to wrap these gifts and pay these bills and vacuum these floors and pick up all this clutter and dust this furniture and, and, and.... Thank goodness, the only company I'm expecting is Benji and Pip. Thanks, Guys, for being so easy.

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