Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Cathy, I can't believe you aren't walking on air tonight! I expected to see you grinning from ear to ear, at least, and there you sit with a long face. Didn't you hear that Obama won?"

My Republican choir friend caught me looking deflated and had to rub it in. What she didn't know is that I'd just been in a conversation with another Democrat about the win of Proposition 8 in California. She and I were both hoping it would be defeated, but the wheels of progress turn slowly, and I believe that, in time, these discriminatory measures will all be a thing of the past.

Truth is, I spent most of yesterday, feeling very happy, despite the unhappy note on which it started. I really appreciate the encouraging words in emails and comments. My husband had a similar encounter with his best friend, who started a conversation with an epithet like the one I heard. After listening to his initial rant, I heard Mike say, "I've known you for almost 20 years and you've been my best friend since I met you. I know you are not an ignorant redneck, so why do you want to talk like one?" It stopped the man cold, and he admitted that he was actually glad to see Obama win, and he hoped McCain went back to the Senate to do his "Maverick" thing. Frankly, I think Obama should appoint McCain to lead a search for Osama bin Laden, since he bragged so often about being able to do find him.

I probably was not as excited about the Obama win as most people. I have known for over 4 years that he would be our first black president, I just didn't realize it would be this soon. While I was listening to his 2004 convention speech, I called Mike into the living room and told him, "You see that man right there? He is our first black president." (Was I ever inspired!)

"Who is that?" my husband asked.

"I have no idea, but that's him."

My crystal ball hasn't ever been clearer than it was that night, nor has it been that clear since. (Hey! Even a clock with a dead battery is right twice a day.) Good thing I don't depend on the gypsy in me for a living.

Too bad that clairvoyant couldn't have picked more responsible renters than we've had this year. I just found out that our renter in the townhouse across the street has moved out six months prior to the terms of her lease, so now I've got another empty house to clean, advertise and get rented.

The last huge renter problem I worked on (see the July 21 post) got resolved on Tuesday. The lady in the Centerpoint Corporate Office, that I referred this problem to, called to let me know that they are refunding the $452 I paid on the $915 bill. She apologized for their bungling of this matter, and decided, after a lengthy investigation, that I should be reimbursed for the whole amount.


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