Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanks to Huffpo, I discovered a kindred soul on Sunday. Grandmere Mimi and I share several things in common. We're retired grandmothers in Southern states who have latched on to blogging as a way to share with the world whatever crosses our personal radars every day. We're both liberal Episcopalians, choir members, supporters of Obama, and each of us is a soft touch for dogs in need of rescue.

Her blog Wounded Bird earned a spot on my "Daily Required Reading List," and I offer this link for your enrichment and for those of you who wonder where I'm headed with Ms. Sippi. One day I would like to be as successful with this venture as she is. She draws several hundred readers a day and gets comments on just about every post. Rather than sulk and be jealous, as I was first inclined to do, I've decided to emulate her, so you may be seeing a few changes here. I really do admire what she has accomplished, and even though she claims not to be ready to give me private blogging lessons, I can learn a lot just by imitating some of her ideas. (It's the purest form of flattery, you know.)

I won't be pulling any punches, as a couple of close acquaintances have wished I would do. She posted the same piece (with a couple of minor revisions) on racism that I posted back on Oct. 5th. She's already getting positive feedback. I got hate mail, but I am not deterred. It needs the widest circulation possible and I'll do whatever I can to circulate it.

The next eight years of an Obama presidency will require constant challenging to prejudice that should have died out long ago. I'm sick of the smug sanctimony that defends fear-filled, hate-filled politics. Would I have used the Molly Ivins' quote on my title banner had I not been initially motivated by that very principle?

Now if I can just discern the fine line between tolerance and intolerance, I may be able to make a small difference. It ain't easy. I tend to be very intolerant of intolerance. Maybe the Bloggers' Prayer will help. Thanks, Grandmere Mimi!

"Almighty God, you proclaim your truth
in every age by many voices:
Direct, in our time, we pray,
those who speak where many listen
and write what many read;
that they may do their part in making the heart
of this people wise, its mind sound,
and its will righteous;
to the honor of Jesus Christ our Lord."

Book of Common Prayer


Grandmère Mimi said...

Hi Cathy. What lovely words about me. Thank you. We definitely have much in common. I find that it helps to stay grounded in my faith in blogging as well as my other activities.

My quote from Jane Austen on my sidebar says much about my blogging:

"I hope that I never ridicule what is wise or good. Follies and nonsense, whims and inconsistencies do divert me, I own, and I laugh at them whenever I can."
Elizabeth Bennett, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I also try to point out the heroes among us, many of whom are unsung, and give them a boost. Fortunately, I get very little in the way of hateful comments. Thanks be to God.

Before I began to blog, I commented on the blogs of a wide circle of virtual blogging friends, who gave me a wonderful boost when I first began. I have no particular plan for my blogging, and I would have no idea how to teach it. I find that visiting around other blogs and leaving comments helps to draw folks to mine.

Thanks again for your kind words, Cathy.

C J Garrett said...

Your responding to each comment you get probably helps, so that's one of the changes I'm making. Thanks for the encouragement.