Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The most glaring impression I got from last night's debate was that of McCain's smallness, not in his physical appearance, so much, as that of his emotional, intellectual, and moral character. He's mean, petty, dishonest and cowardly, afraid to say to Obama's face what he and his running mate and his advertising have been saying in their smears that include references to Ayers, Rezko and Wright. He's also afraid to say that we're going to have to make sacrifices in the years ahead if we are to ever dig ourselves out of the hole the Republicans have put us in. Where did they get the idea of getting everything for the low, low price of nothing?

I loved how Obama hung back, for the most part, and let him make a fool of himself. Even I could take some of his moments and make devastating commercials with his own words. McCain's surrogates were immediately out in full force blaming the mainstream media for misinterpreting their candidate's words and behavior. Seems the undecided voters, who rated the candidates' words and behavior as the debate progressed, interpreted what they saw and heard in the same way the pundits did, even on FOX (where the assinine host said, "The key is not who they like, but who they vote for." So they're hoping that hoardes of people vote for Candidate McCain, whom they don't like? LOL) I thought the town hall format was supposed to be McCain's best venue. I guess he did appear a little more human tonight, a tired, grumpy old human, but human.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!

On C-Span, the cameras followed the Obamas for 10 or 15 minutes as they interacted with the crowd afterwards, signing autographs and making pictures. One of the Republicans, watching the big screen from an adjoining room, complained that they were not giving McCain and his trophy wife equal time. The cameraman explained that the McCains left the building about 5 minutes after the event ended. Was it the diverse crowd of Middle Class Citizens that made him uncomfortable, or maybe it was past his bedtime. Now there's a picture worth thousands of words!

Glory, glory, hallelujah! His truth is marching on!

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C J Garrett said...

Thanks, CJM...

Best serious column of the day - Tom Friedman in the NYT: "I fear we may be at that moment just before the tsunami hits — when the birds take flight and the insects stop chirping because their acute senses can feel what is coming before humans can. At this moment, only good governance can save us."

And the made-me-laugh-on-a-dark-day comments from two Washington Post pundits:

Kathleen Parker: "Obama also inspires confidence, but in a completely different way than McCain. He’s a cat. He’s doesn’t sweat... anything. He is the envy of cucumbers. When everything is collapsing around him -- the economy, the Dow, the job market -- Obama is perched on the stool like Frank Sinatra between sets. Got a light? That’s not insignificant, I think."
Colbert King: "The sight of John McCain moving around the set did it for me. I can't help it: His on-screen performance made me think of the '70s sitcom "Sanford and Son," specifically the grumpy, patronizing and sarcastic Fred Sanford, played by the comedian Redd Foxx."

Frank vs. Fred - now THERE'S a debate!!! :)