Thursday, October 30, 2008

I fell again today, but I'm about to get the hang of it. Before I hit the ground, I positioned my limbs for a spread-eagle sprawl, so my thighs and belly took the brunt of it. Rather than spraining a foot or ankle or wrist, all I got was a bruise on my left knee, and I actually dove for the grass rather than the sidewalk, not very gracefully, but it was less painful than kissing concrete.

Why do I fall as often as I do? NOT PAYING ATTENTION, that's why!!! The sidewalks around here are notoriously uneven at the joints, and they've tripped me several times. The dogs didn't run off, even though I dropped their leashes. They were no help whatsoever, looking at me curiously, sniffing my hair, wondering why humans do some of the things they do, I'm sure.

Today my distraction was the Monarch Butterflies that were everywhere. I've never seen so many all at once. I'm not sure if they were on their way to Mexico, they try to leave before the first frost, you know, or maybe they landed here from up north thinking they had flown far enough. Our low last night was 32*, our first frost of the fall, so either they found a warm place overnight or the Mississippi cold snap felt mild compared to where they came from. Who knows?
And no, I didn't make the picture. Wish I had.

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