Saturday, October 04, 2008

Cooper is 12 today! Happy Birthday, Grandson! I talked to him a few minutes ago, they had just returned from eating at his favorite restaurant. He had a fun day of baseball practice and playing video games with a friend. Clay is in Orlando at a high school band competition, he said. Ricky told me that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are in the playoffs for the first time ever. Maybe they will go all the way. Will they ever move back to Mississippi with all the good baseball they have in Tampa? Somehow I doubt it.

Our dream group met this morning and had a fairly intense session with the counselor who got us started. It is amazing to see how God works in and through our dreams, especially in a group where each person's perspective is a little different. Somehow it all comes together to make perfect sense. There is an unusual level of personal faith and emotional intimacy among the group's members, otherwise, I don't think we could go as deep as we go or receive the revelations we're given.

I've been getting hits on this blog from people who google images and are linked to some picture I've used. Most are pictures I found through Google and lifted, but every once in a while they land on one of my photographs. The most frequently viewed photo is the one of Gus on the 2/13/07 post, and they find it by googling pughuahua. The crying baby on 1/18/08 is another popular picture, but that's not mine (or me). She did perfectly illustrate how I felt at the time though. What frustration!

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