Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well, that's just great! McCain doesn't want to debate Obama Friday night, so he's called a time-out, and says it's due to the financial crisis. Pure old-dee grandstanding! What a jerk! Obama thinks it's during a crisis when American voters need to hear from the candidates. "A president has to be able to handle more than one thing at a time," he said. Now that's true leadership. The debate commission just announced that the debate is still on, full speed ahead!

With poll numbers plunging on the Republican side, I'm not surprised that McCain wants out. Obama leads by 9 points in a couple of polls, he's ahead in all of them. On the poll that asks "Who do you trust to handle an economic crisis?" Obama leads 53 to 39!

What in the world does McCain think he can accomplish by going back to Washington? Who is going to listen to Mr. Deregulation, who was converted to "more regulation" in just the last week? Everybody but McCain knows he's got a credibility problem. He doesn't have a decisive vote, he isn't even on the banking committee, and doesn't have anything to say about regulation that anybody will believe. Mr. Poor Judgment Keating 5 is floundering, and as George Will said, it's very unpresidential behavior from a presidential candidate.

Who is this jerk that's saying this crisis is Bill Clinton's fault? Orrin Hatch. Unf**kingbelievable!

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