Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Palin was on Dodge the Press this morning. Did you see her? Everybody else did, too. She did make an appearance in Colorado Springs, home of James Dobson's Focus on the Family empire, but even that was scripted. No interview with him, either, and that would have been the least aggressive interviewer she could have faced. Of what are they afraid? What are they hiding? Have they had reminders from their moderate middle that John McCain used to call Christian Fundamentalists "agents of intolerance"? Grumblings about his hypocrisy being a little too obvious?

Oh, I get it! Sarah Palin was not brought onto the ticket to actually promote her views, but simply to assure a better turn-out from the turned off! The single issue, pro-life crowd has added significantly to McCain's campaign coffers since Palin came on board. Mission Accomplished? Don't they realize that if Roe v. Wade were going to be overturned, they've just missed their best opportunity with GWB in the oval office and until the 2006 election, Republicans in control of both the House and the Senate? Yet they continue to fall for that old carrot on the stick routine. Twelve thousand of them turned out to the new celebrity's Pep Rally today.

I wonder if McCain has been made aware of the conspiracy cooking among Palin's fanatical fanbase. They're urging their followers to use imprecatory prayer (I had to look that one up, even though I've been a Bible reading, church-goer for 60+ years) to make sure McCain is elected, then dies in office, leaving Sarah Palin to take over as POTUS. Don't believe me? Just google: imprecatory prayer McCain Palin.

Scary stuff!

9/8/08 Update: For a more complete picture of the fanaticism that will follow Sarah Palin from now til Doomsday, check out this article by Bruce Wilson. This lady does not need to get any more political power than she already has. Seriously.

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