Saturday, September 27, 2008

Initial reaction to last night's debate:

I went to a debate watch party with Rankin County Democrats. There were about 20 of us there. I was totally riveted on the whole debate. Obama came off as a much warmer, more reasonable, rational, fair-minded man than McCain, who refused to even look at Obama throughout the debate, even though moderator Jim Lehrer instructed them to talk to each other. That cost McCain some points even among his own supporters. He looked annoyed, snobbish, rude, cranky, dare I say “ELITIST.” His frequent fall-back to calling Obama “na├»ve” exposed him as a shallow name caller with no substance to back it up, and every time he said, "Senator Obama does not understand..." Barack proved him wrong by showing he did understand.

Agreeing with McCain on several points, Obama displayed extraordinary diplomacy and looked as though he could actually build consensus among opposing viewpoints and handle tense negotiations with terrorists, despots and other hostile leaders. He is extremely comfortable in his own skin, was relaxed and confident as he smiled and laughed. His entrance on to the stage at the beginning was cordial, but also very commander-in-chief-like. He hammered McCain on his mistakes about the economy and the Iraq war and did not flinch, called attention to his poor judgment without pulling punches.

Obviously, I was impressed.

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