Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Water Lilies ate at Pan Asia today. I had the Taj Mahal Salad with tandoori chicken, greens, honey lemon vinaigrette, golden raisins, served in a crispy pappadum shell. It's an Indian dish that I enjoyed to the last crumb. Everybody complained about not being able to hear in the new restaurant, and proprietor/chef Grant Nooe assured us they're working on reducing the noise. Their new party room will be so quiet, we can hear every word that's spoken, and the next time we come we can have it, he said.

Most everybody enjoyed their food, I only heard a couple of complaints, and they were minor. Last week's outing to Frisco Deli in Madison was a bust, they said. I'm glad I missed it. My ego always gets a boost with this group because, without fail, some kind soul tells me how pretty I look. Today it was two kind souls, God bless 'em! Nothing lifts my spirits like a compliment from an older lady, not sure why, but it's always had that effect on me.

Due to last evening's rain, I waited until this morning to visit Jean. She looked frail and pale, but was in a chipper mood, so I enjoyed it and she seemed to, too. I took the sack full of Premier Jewelry I bought last week to help Cooper's ballteam. (Mary Ann donated her discontinued samples and I grabbed up a bunch.) Anyway, I let Jean and Pam pick out a couple of items rather than foisting cheap Florida souvenirs on them. They were a real hit.

Her son and daughter-in-law are coming from Birmingham tomorrow to give Pam a break, so I'll wait until next week to offer her another break. Jean is not able to go up and down the stairs, but she's got everything she needs close at hand. Her cats are especially enjoying her confinement. She's still attached to oxygen and is doing some physical therapy, so hopefully she will get well soon. I've missed her.

After lunch, I went to Madison to set the "For Rent" sign back up in the yard. I could tell there has been lots of bad weather lately, the yard is full of limbs. We've got a man interested in buying the place, which pleases me immensely, especially if he's willing to pay what I want for it. We're supposed to meet with him soon.

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