Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay has rained on us all day. Attendance at church was sparse. David wasn't there, so Phil played the organ and James led our anthems. The first one sounded great, the second one needed some more work. I'll be glad when we get back to our fall schedule with Wednesday night rehearsals, even though our Wednesday night dinners are in jeopardy. Our host had a stroke last month, not nearly as severe as Mike's, but I'm thinking they may have to curtail some of the entertaining they were doing. I hope not, but that's the way it's looking for now. There is some talk about starting a Wednesday night dinner for the whole church, but it would be before rehearsal instead of afterwards.
Since I was the only one of my family at church, I came home and fixed lunch for Mike, Benji, Pip and me. They've been here since Friday and I've really enjoyed them. Pip is talking up a storm. I can't understand most of what he says, but he seems to have plenty to say. I was hoping we could swim some while they were here, but it's been too cool and too rainy. One thing has been abundantly clear - the kid is clearly crazy about his daddy, and his daddy is crazy about him. I've been blessed by the sweetest sounds and scenes between the two of them all week-end, at meal-time, bathtime, playtime, beautiful, happy, joy-filled moments.
I visited with Jean for a while this afternoon. She's still not able to talk without coughing, and she's still on oxygen, but she has gone up and down her stairs a few times in the past week. Her appetite is improving, her color was good, and she's getting impatient to be done with bed rest. Maybe when she sees her doctor this week, she will be allowed to get dressed and get out of the house. I hope so.

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