Friday, August 29, 2008

On the third anniversary of Katrina and John McCain's 72nd birthday, he just conceded the election to Obama in a very indirect and devious way. Naming Sarah Palin as his running mate was an act of desperation, not to mention, poor judgment. And his argument that Obama has no experience that qualifies him to be president just flew out the window. He wants to put a 44 year old woman, who's been governor for only a year and a half, just a heartbeat away from being president? And a 72 year old heart at that, in a man who has fought how many rounds of cancer? Is he serious or senile?
The sad fact is that a few shallow people will be suckered by this decision simply because she's pro-life. McCain just took pandering to a whole new level. And she thinks the "sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits" will support her simply because she has the right plumbing? I don't think so. He may as well have said he thinks all women are stupid. I never thought John McCain could make my day, but he did. What a hoot!
Now that Gustav is headed for the still unrepaired, hurricane-ravaged New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast, let's not forget that John McCain advocated sacrificing the Medicare drug benefit to help pay for the recovery efforts after Katrina. He and his brilliant Republican cohorts were just beginning to realize the massive debt that was accumulating due to the cost of war. And from the voting records following Katrina we find:

McCain Voted Twice Against Establishing A Commission To Study The Response To Hurricane Katrina. [ 9/14/2005, 2/2/2006]

McCain Opposed Granting Financial Relief To Those Affected By Hurricane Katrina. [9/15/2005]

McCain Voted Against Five Months of Medicaid For Hurricane Katrina Victims. [11/3/2005]

McCain Voted Against Emergency Funding Bill, Including $28 Billion for Hurricane Relief. [5/4/2006]

And he picks a running mate who believes that global warming is not in the least man-made. I guess she also believes that evolution is just a theory, like gravity. Give me a break! I think the untold story is that he offered the Veep job to all the other potential candidates (Ridge, Romney, Hutchison, Lieberman, Huckabee), but none of them wanted it.

For more on this latest evidence of McCain's twisted logic, see The Palin Gamble, and McCain's Sexist VP Pick over at The American Prospect. Here is what one Alaskan thinks of McCain's selection.

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